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Now UPS Standard® is faster across Europe

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We’re speeding up our cost efficient UPS Standard service
to help you reach your customers faster.

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delivery map.

Great Britain

Get specific cost and transit time information.

A faster service can have multiple benefits for your business and your customers

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Happy customers

Shorter delivery times creates loyalty from your customers.


Greater competitiveness

Stand out by reaching customers sooner. Speed can be the difference between winning or losing a business opportunity.

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Faster growth

Achieve your business goals earlier by expanding to new markets with the same reliability you expect from our UPS Standard service.

Delivering goods to European Consumers:
why a faster service can be a driving force behind your business growth*

The latest findings of our European SME Exporting Insights Study, revealed that smaller companies are the engine of prosperity and that European SMEs are exporting more than ever.

21% of European SMEs are exporters
87% of European SMEs said Speed of delivery is important when choosing a shipping company
93% of European SMEs are sending shipments within the EU
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* UPS European SME Exporting Insight Study, 2016

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